Welcome to the Safemap Hall of Fame.

On this website, we honor those people who have participated and excelled in the SAFEmap programs.

On this site you can find all those who have entered our Hall of Fame – leaders who have excelled by either progressing through our STEPUP development  system, or who have been nominated for excellence in safety leadership.

It also shows all business leaders who have been nominated as Most Admirable leaders by our delegates, and shows the members of prestigious group of “Inca Teams and Inca Teamleaders”.

Our approach is called Deep Leadership, and describes the kind of leadership that is needed in the high-risk work environment. It is the kind of leadership that Ernest Shackelton, the famous Antarctic explorer, personified – the leadership of pioneers.

SAFEmap specializes in this kind of leadership…

Roger Guthrie is the safety manager for Atmos Energy, who began his career as a meter reader and has held several roles throughout Texas in operations and safety over the last 25 years.

He is a highly dedicated and passionate safety professional, which we all share at Safemap. He lives in Lubbock with his wife and son and enjoys fishing on his farm in Oklahoma when possible.

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