Formerly of Technical & Sustainability Group

Anglo American PLC Corporate

Brian gained his 42 years of mining industry experience and expertise, with a broad career covering exploration, technical services (geology, engineering and R&D), mining and processing operations.  His most recent roles were in the Technical & Sustainability Group of the Anglo American PLC corporate office.  He recently retired after leading an Elimination of Fatalities Taskforce from 2018-2020.

Formerly as Group COO with Ferrexpo (Switzerland/Ukraine), and previous roles with Vale (Inco) for 30 years.  He led multiple mine operations across a range of geologies and ore types, and numerous improvement projects where sustainable benefits in safety, production, cost and technology introduction were delivered (nickel, copper, pgms, coal, in Canada and Australia).  Through his career there have not been any fatalities in his areas of accountability.

Brian is a Geological Engineer, Canadian citizen, and is based in London, UK.

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