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After a 30 year career in Engineering and Operations Management at the complex Smelter inUmicore Precious Metal Refining, Wim founded his own company in Operational Excellence ( located in the South of Italy ), from where he now advises other metal recycling operations spread over the whole world. His experience and vision about how to run pyrometallurgical operations is recognized in many other parts of the non-ferrous business.

Wim strongly believes in the reduction of complexity of systems by breaking them down into comprehensive tasks, where people are key under the condition of strong leadership and consistency in building and sustaining common vision . This requires  constant communication and care instead of putting effort into hiding behind complex and time consuming administration or effort to prove only the numbers. Wim strongly believes that working on root causes is the only effective way to improve . Safety is not about numbers but about continuous improvement of behavior and systems inspired by leaders-believers.
Together with his wife Thérèse, he founded his company with the only goal to inspire other colleges in a stressless and breathtaking environment. … “

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  1. I was always impressed with you my course operations and it’s good to know that you are continuing to share this strategy with the industry

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