Operations Manager

Debmarine Namibia

Jan Nel is the Operations Manager at Debmarine Namibia with 33 years’ experience in diamond mining, seven years underground, five years opencast & twenty one years marine mining. He is an Electrical Engineer by profession and has spent most of his career in operations/technical management at different levels in the De Beers Group of Companies since he joined in 1986. 

Jan has a passion for business optimization and continuous improvement with experience in SHE management, operations management, project management, asset management implementations, shutdowns & turnarounds, ERP (SAPR3) implementations, mine planning, cost and people management. 

Leadership is imperative for Jan. Under Jan’s leadership, Debmarine Namibia has begun a safety maturity journey starting in June 2017. To date, significant progress has been made in driving the Company towards a resilient safety culture.

His leadership stand is: unconditional, authentic and relentless. 

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