Manager, Transmission and Distribution

Southern California Edison

I have been with Southern California Edison for over 33 safe years in the Transmission and Distribution department serving in the craft, design, and leadership disciplines.  I began my career in 1980 as a Groundman, and progressed through the craft ranks to Construction Foreman.  I performed safely for 16 years in the field, and had no recordable injuries personally or on the crews that I led.

In 1996 I moved into the Design organization, designing and managing projects that were focused on safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and providing flexibility for those charged with operating the system in the field.  Since 2007 I have held various management positions in Transmission and Distribution, which has enabled me to lead the effort to develop a safe and sustainable culture of safety, based on trust, pride in profession, and respect for our craft.

I hold serving as our brother’s keeper and advocate as my core belief and responsibility, and that those values are the foundation of a safe culture.

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